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Right Treatment Can Save Lives

Combine Science With Your Treatment Strategy

Understanding that no two cancers are alike, our scientists utilize the molecular uniqueness of your cancer to find treatment options specific to you. Extensive evaluation of your medical history with a scientific eye can offer insight into genetic testing and promising therapies that are not currently offered at your cancer center.

Being burdened with cancer is challenging without the resources needed to make informed decisions. Let us bring you to the forefront of clinical science and facilitate faster access to advanced treatment options that are beyond the standard of care.

We strive to collaborate with your oncologist by adding the necessary scientific approach to your existing medical care.



Areas of Service Nationwide

Clinical Trials

While there are thousands of clinical trials, only a handful are suitable for your specific cancer. Our team employs a specialized search algorithm to open additional options and narrow down the trials that meet your criteria. We can then guide you through the process of enrolling into a promising trial. 


Road blocks are detrimental when time is of the essence. Our experienced team is capable of providing assistance in case of insurance denials for cancer drugs by establishing medical necessity with evidence-based clinical data. As appropriate, we will work directly with drug companies, research facilities, physicians, and regulators to enable compassionate drug use based on single-patient treatment protocols.

Scientific Expertise

Our team of diverse scientists use their knowledge and experience to keep up to date on the latest research in clinical oncology. This enables us to explore the intricacies of your cancer and find new solutions that may not have been considered - a powerful result when scientists and clinicians work together. 

Genetic Testing and Interpretation

Genes are the building blocks that make cancer unique. Deconstructing the genomics of your cancer can open the door to powerful targeted therapies. We not only coordinate genetic testing, but also explain and simplify the results to you in easy-to-understand terms.

Full Attention

Our time is for you. It is important to us that you feel in control of your diagnosis. Whether through education, family involvement, or planning next steps, Cancer Treatment Navigator is first and foremost dedicated to your needs. We accompany you along the way, providing resources and assistance whenever needed.


Cancer Treatment Navigator prioritizes research credentials, publication records, and clinical data in helping our clients select the best available oncologists at top cancer institutions nationwide. Having professional connections at many cancer centers enable us to develop strategies that often allow for faster access to potentially life-saving cancer therapies.





Cancer Treatment Navigator has been invaluable in dealing with my brain tumor. Prior to retaining Dr. Stecher and his team, we felt we were only getting standard “conveyor belt” treatment. We were introduced to two experts that specialize in the tumor I have. We are eternally grateful for Dr. Stecher, we only wished we had hired CTN sooner.




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